Seoul center underground tunnel mapping by Jihae Min


Many contemporary cities globally are faced with the issue of demolition, maintenance or recycling of old industrial era infrastructures such as railroads, streams, and highways, which are of linear urban form. Especially in Seoul, we discover many inherent linear forms and systems that are being re-accessed and re-imagined through urban recycling strategies. The workshop hopes to expand on the concept of Linear Urbanism to navigate its spatial and systematic opportunities.

LU Concept and Lineage / Presenter Yehre Suh / Discussant Jin Baik
LU and Recycling of Urban Infrastructure / Presenter Kyongjin Cho / Discussant Alban Mannisi
LU and Seoul City Public Projects / Presenter Taehyung Kim / Discussant Saehoon Kim
LU and Linear Parks / Presenter Heeyun Yoon / Discussant Junghan Bae
Overall Discussion / Kwangjoong Kim, Marc Brossa, Blaz Krinik